Manager Field Commissioning
Location: York, PA
Reference ID: V003
Posted: 12/26/2016
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1. Summary Statement: Responsible for all electrical/mechanical testing for start-up and commissioning of generator, turbine and/or balance of plant (BOP). 2. Supervises: Occasional supervision of field test technicians or site personnel to conduct testing. 3. Primary Responsibilities: Plan, execute and coordinate stand alone turbine/generator testing Plan, execute and coordinate stand alone electrical/mechanical BOP testing Plan, execute, coordinate start-up and commissioning of generators and BOP Plan, execute and coordinate condition assessment testing for turbine/generator and BOP Issue test report from generator and BOP testing as well as start-up and commissioning report Perform test results evaluation, performance calculation and check of guaranteed values Represent the company during start-up and commissioning Provide cost estimates and technical support for proposals Maintenance, storage and calibration of Voith Hydro test equipment Provide training for field supervisors 4. Specific Tasks: Write test procedure for generator and electrical equipment Write test report based on the executed test Specify test equipment to perform testing Specify and calculate test requirement Calculate generator parameter and generator performance based on test results o Reactance based on sudden short circuit o Time constant based on sudden short circuit o Generator rotor inertia o Temperature rise for stator and rotor winding o Stator core temperature rise o Air flow o Cooling air pressure o Generator losses and efficiency o Rated excitation requirement Start up of stand alone turbine/generator Commissioning of generator Commissioning of turbine Commissioning of BOP (Excitation system, Transformer, circuit breaker, protective system, etc) Check protective relays and calibration of protective system Understanding and capability to perform the following tests: o AC high potential test o DC high potential test o DC controlled over voltage test o Corona measurements o Partial Discharge Measurements o Power factor voltage characteristics (power factor tip up) o Megger, Polarization index (PI) o No load saturation curve o Short circuit saturation o Wave form and deviation factor o Heat run o Sudden short circuit o Retardation test o Calorimetric test o Load rejection o Vibration and noise o Ozone measurement o Zero power factor o Telephone interference factor (TIF) Provide test schedule, cost, test equipment and man power for proposal Maintain test equipment Manage the calibration of VH electrical test equipment Prepare and execute training for field personnel Prepare test schedules Prepare specific procedures, standard forms and safety instructions Select and supply equipment for the testing (buy, rent, lease, borrow, etc.) 5. Principal Working Relationships: Project Management Coordinates department job assignments with customer. Plus provides a means of exchanging information between Field Engineering and the customer. Engineering Exchanges information and insures the information requested by Engineering is obtained during testing. Field Operations Cooperates with Field Operations personnel to complete assigned field tasks. 1. Education: Bachelor of Science or Masters Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. 2. Special Knowledge or Skills: Fully fluent in English and good communication skills. Must have hands on experience with mechanical and electrical components of hydroelectric machines. Must be capable of setting up, calibration and operation of test equipment utilized for electrical testing. Computer skills with Microsoft Office software products (i.e. Word, Excel) are essential. 3. Prior Experience: Minimum 5 years experience in planning, executing and evaluation of turbine/generators and BOP testing. 4. Other Qualifications or Requirements: Effective verbal and writing skills. Capable of domestic and international travel roughly 25 to 50 percent of the time. This position requires exercising good judgment, resourceful at handling unforeseen events, trustworthy in handling company affairs. Must consistently demonstrate good working relationships with others (fellow employees, customers, consultants, and representatives of other equipment suppliers at a job site), work to schedules and deadlines often established by others. 5. Scope of Position: Plan, setup and calibrate test equipment to acquire accurate test information for internal and external customers.
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